Rebekah's Feast

This last Friday night, we met at Rebekah's place to enjoy hot dogs, salad, cake and a discussion about what it means to be living in "the last days". The group continues to grow and evolve and it was such a blessing to be able to hang out, connect, and share to bring in the Sabbath.
(And yes, I realize most of us look ridiculous here, but it's the best I've got! :)

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upcoming events~

Hey guys,

Here are a few dates to keep in mind:

Leadership Education And Development Seminar (LEADS)
2nd week of July (wed~sun) 7/9~13
Ann Arbor, MI
Registration is $75 for early bird and DUE this friday!

Generation of Youth for Christ (GYC)
December 17~21
San Jose, CA

in MAY

Sabbath Program for BFC!


This Friday's FNF will be @ ChiChi's place!!!


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What I can bring...

Hello everyone!! Hope to see you all out tomorrow night remember to bring someone (at least one!! :-)) I can bring the frozen mixed veggie! Take care

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[FNF] April 4

I hope everyone's week is going well!
As always, it seems that there are more than a million and one things in our way we have to get thru before we get to the end of the week...and it seems that the more we pray, more darts of trials and temptations are thrown our way...but let's not forget what we discussed last wk.... "Heaven is CHEAP enough!!" =)

It was great seeing everyone last week although we got started off about an hour behind schedule >_< And thank you Joseph for hosting the fabulous "feast" in more than one way.
We missed you Tre & Karah & Livie & Treson! =)And welcome to Marcus (sp?) & Dennis who joined us last week! We hope to see you on a regular basis!

This week our FNF will be at my place.
Thanks to my three exams this week and a upcoming practical...
our "feast" this week promises to be quite simple. =)

for our FNF, I need volunteers to bring:
two packs small frozen veggies
one small bag of onions (sweet onions are even better)
one small can or pkg of veggie meat
one bunch of green onions
fresh veggies (like carrot sticks, broccoli, etc)& dip
plates, bowls, spoons & forks

Please comment on the blog what u will bring and if you are coming this week!
(or u can still email or call me as well)

looking forward to seeing all of you!!!!



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