4-28-17 Feast - Prepwork

Haystacks, the Adventist staple

Rob will host FNF this week!

This week, FNF will prepare to take over Ephesus SDA 
One Saturday Morning for Church.

Come hear about it over some haystacks

1521 16th Ave S. Apt A

Birmingham, AL 35205

*Up the white walled driveway. In front of the second building all the way at the end.

See yah there!


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4-21-17 Feast

This week, the Longs Host FNF!
Head to...

718 Crowne Reserve Drive
Hoover, AL 35244

*Look up "Horton, G." on the intercom and Geneva will buzz you in.

FNF starts 7:30pm

Victor will lead out

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