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FNF - Sept 26th

This week FNF is at ChiChi/BJ's place. We're making our way through studying the fruits of the spirit, so bring your Bible, come for some good food, and bring a friend! (I'm gunning for Zambian food! I'm thinking it's about time for ChiChi to cook!)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Enzyme Productions

Take a few minutes and check out Enzyme Productions website. View the trailer for the short movie being produced as a market to those who don't believe God is even real. I think you will be impressed and surprised.

God IS real. You WILL find Him.

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Last Week's FNF

For those of you who missed Friday night, you really missed a FEAST! Symon and Jeff made a table full of Kenyan food that was fab-u-lous!

We had some new friends join us too. Thanks Jasmine, Beverly & Allen for spending Friday evening with us. Hope we can see you all again soon!

This coming week (September 19-20) several of us will be going to GYC. If you're interested in heading up to Chattanooga for some spiritual food and socializing, leave a comment ASAP. We will look for housing for you if you need it!

Have a beautiful week! Happy Fall!

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Sept 13 FNF

Symon & Jeff are hosting this week! You know what that means?

Home-cooked Kenyan food!!!!!

Please bring just one of the following:

Paper plates

Here's a map for directions to their place.

See you at 6:30-7pm! Come hungry!

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Night Explorers

CJ braved the waters with Tre. Bold man, he is!

For those of you who missed our FNF canoe trip, here are a few pictures. If it looks fun to ya, make sure to mark your calendars for October 17-20 for a camping trip to Florida together!
Good times ahead!

Last night, we had a good group who ventured onto the Cahaba River and paddled two miles upstream to a water treatment plant, and then canoed back downriver. It was pitch dark about a mile into the trip which made for some exciting times! "Left, left LEFT, there's a tree!" and "Um, I think we should go this way, I see "eyes" up there".

ChiChi and Karah navigated smoothly through dark waters!

We missed Beverly and Allen in the group shot.

*Note: when Aquila wants to move a canoe, that girl can MOVE a canoe!*

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Canoeing Details

Tomorrow evening is CANOE TIME! Wear comfortable clothes, bug spray, and bring a towel (just in case) Even if you don't have a canoe reserved, come hang out. I am told they may have extra boats! It's only $35 per canoe!

We will meet at the 280 bridge which is right before Cahaba River Rd. Be there at 6:15 PM!

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Feel free to zoom in to make sure you know how to find it! See you soon!

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Prayer Requests

If you missed FNF last night, here are some of the things that we are praying about this week. Please remember to bring one or two of these things to God in your prayers and we will watch as He works out His answers!

  • Sarah- her mom's flower shop is for sale and needs to sell quickly AND for her clinical skills as she begins to work with patients.
  • Rebekah- her aunt Hilda is struggling with health issues
  • Aquila - find a new grant study for work
  • Javier & ChiChi - immigration status
  • Karah - two friends from work who are struggling with their marriages

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September FNF with Sarah!

Dear ALL ~
It's been waaaaay too long.
but Sarah is BACK! ^-^
I will host FNF this friday nite, so let's ALL come AND bring some friends too~!

FRIDAY 7:30pm (please try to come on time)
603 Oaks Dr
Birmingham, AL 35209

I will need some volunteers to bring the following:

vanilla ice cream
fresh strawberries
fresh kiwis
fresh peaches
non-dairy cool whip
Nutella or chocolate syrup
utensils, cups, and paper plates

Call me if you have questions: 706.436.6992


Please RSVP in the comments!


Sarah S.

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