9/30/11 Feast

Friday Night Feast

Shall Feast on


This week
Zeke will be leading out.


Pasta Night!

Tanci will assist Eliel & Zeke and you are free to bring anything that would add to the meal!

Physical feast starts at 7:00 pm
Spiritual Feast starts at 7:30 pm
Come out and partake of the Food...the Fellowship...and the Family...!!^_^!!

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9/16/11 Feast

This week our Feast Hosts will be
Hilary and Matt!

We will all meet at the Birmingham First Church

The focus of the night will be Revelation 19

Please Bring A Dish!
Fruit, Pasta, Dessert anything you like to help out :)

Physical feast- 7:00pm
Spiritual feast -7:30pm

Please come out because there will be Lots of Food...Lots of Fellowship...
Lots and of Family...!!^_^!!

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9/9/11 Feast

This week our hosts will be Geneva and Victor!

Raymond will continue to lead out Revelation 18!

The Physical feast starts at 7:00pm
and the Spiritual feast starts at 7:30pm

And remember... come out because there will be lots of food, friendship, and family.....

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