8/26/11 Feast

This week

Victor will again be the study leader for the Spiritual Feast

Raymond and Vuyo will help with the physical feast, however your contribution is most welcome!

Physical feast starts at 7:00 pm Spiritual Feast starts at 7:30 pm Come out and partake of the Food...the Fellowship...and the Family...!!^_^!!

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8/19/11 Feast

For some, the fall semester has started... For others, it's only a matter of time... and yet others have no to school to go to... Whatever your situation, the feast is here! You can spend time in the word of God... You can eat... You can meet...Get a recharge for the week...

You are welcome to join us!

This week our feast will be hosted by the Millers and will be
Potluck Style so please bring a dish!

Once again, our study leader will be Victor!
Physical Feast Starts at 7:00
and Spiritual Feast Starts at 7:30
Come one, come all, and enjoy the blessings of Food... Fellowship... and Family!

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Prayer Requests

Brian --  Praying about the new school year.

For everyone jumping into a new semester of teaching & learning,
we lifted you all in prayer on Friday.

Vuyo -- Praying for more faith & trust in God.

Trudy -- Praying for mom & sister's health. 
Thankful for experiences & summer's shadow opportunity.

Musekwa -- Gave thanks to God for his new job!

Symon - Thankful for God's on-time provision & answered prayer.

Lots of unspoken prayer requests, both of personal and intercessory natures -- Melody, Rose, Geneva, Tancia.

Last Friday's study was wonderful-- thanks Victor & Ryan! 

{Paraphrased} Quote of the night: 
"Although it's an honor to be tempted like Jesus, we must be honorable when tempted."  Brian M.

Memory Verse (for the hard times)... Psalms 91

Until Friday, have a great week!

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8/12/11 Feast

This week our host is Ryan

We will continue our study with Revelation 15

If you would like to enjoy the feast, head to...

Note: Please bring chairs
The Physical feast starts at 7:00pm

and the Spiritual feast starts at 7:30pm

And remember... come out because there will be lots of food, friendship, and family.....


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Breaking News From Karah!

Special Invite for Every Friday Night Feaster :)

HI guys,

Just wanted to let you know about something that might be of interest to you. Our church here in Andrews, NC is hosting an event that deals with the Sabbath. Speakers are coming here to discuss topics pertaining to the Sabbath and in celebration of the day God gave us.

It will be live streamed this coming Sabbath from here and you are welcome to join in to watch online.

The website includes information about the speakers who will be here, the topics they are discussing, and the general theme of the day.

Be blessed,

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8/5/11 Feast


This week our hosts are Tanci and Chichi

We will continue our study with Revelation

(Last week Ryan gave us part 2 of his 3 part study)

The Physical feast starts at 7:00pm

and the Spiritual feast starts at 7:30pm

And remember... come out because there will be lots of food, friendship, and family.....



(Feasting bunny)

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Prayer Requests

If you missed FNF, here are some of the things we are thankful for and praying about this week.

Victor -- praying for the Lord to remove anger from his heart.

Hilary -- has an interview TODAY (Monday). Praying that it'll go well.

Geneva -- thankful that her granddad's surgery was successful.

Musekwa -- thankful for a good semester & an "A" in Calculus.

Kirk -- thankful to be done with radiation therapy earlier than planned with no serious adverse side effects.

Tonika-- Praying for endurance for the next 5 months and praises God for lots of Progress in that area!

Ryan-- Asks for prayer about his personal issue.

Also, can we please pray for those FNFers who haven't been around for awhile? Those who have moved away, those who are gone for the summer and those who are just not able to make it.

Finally, Ryan led an awesome study on the 2nd Angel's Message ("Babylon is fallen...") and closed with this text from Jeremiah 29: 4-18. If you're feeling a bit down, read that and be encouraged.

Have a great week & see you on Friday!

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