October 30 Feast

It's officially fall and that means SOUP TIME! You're invited to the Thompson's to enjoy several kinds of soup to warm you up!

7 pm

Please bring your Bibles (and notebooks if you like to keep notes) and let's get together and share the warmth of Christian community and love as the weather gets cold and dreary!

**Those of you who would like to be involved in the leadership team, or who have an idea for Friday Night Feast, please come at 6pm! Anyone welcome!**

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Feeding the Hungry

This Sabbath we are going to be feeding the ladies at the shelter again! Because of the holiday, we are going to dress up and make it special for them!
If you don't have a "costume" please, PLEASE wear the traditional dress from your country! How cool will that be?!
Plan on coming to Birmingham 1st church at 4pm to prepare the food, pray, and practice a few songs to sing for them!
Hope we have a big crowd and more people than we can use. If you haven't been able to come, it is a beautiful experience to share Christ's love with those who are suffering.

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October 23rd FNF

This week Samantha will be hosting us at her place! Please bring drinks or a dessert to share!

Allen will be going through a few songs that he has chosen for Exaltation on Sabbath morning. Come prepared to SING!!! :)
1. In the garden Hymn # 487
2. He lives (a favorite) Hymn # 251
3. Jesus is coming again Hymn # 213
4. Marching to Zion Hymn # 422
5. Blessed assurance Hymn # 462
6. He hideth my soul Hymn # 520
7. I surrender all Hymn # 309
8. Tis' so sweet to trust in Jesus Hymn # 524

B.Y.O.B. ( Bring Your Own Bibles! ) And come prepared to be filled with God's Word!
See ya soon!

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October 16 FNF

This week BJ is hosting!

Please be kind and bring juice or fresh fruit to share! Thanks so much!

Vuyo is leading out and will be discussing the Beattitudes and the story of Esther. Bring your Bibles!

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So, we could use some $. There are so many ideas floating around, and so many things we could do with the $ for Friday Night Feast!

A few weeks back BJ suggested doing a meal at UAB and serving people and telling them about FNF. But to do that we need $!

Here's the idea:

  • everyone cook a specialty food from their home country (come on, we all have something!)
  • we all bring it to Birmingham 1st Church on October 25 at 9:30am
  • we sell our goods and all the proceeds go to FNF
  • we use the $$ we earned to host future outreach events!
If you don't want to cook, ask your friends, grandparents, roommates, or anyone to make something that YOU can sell!

Anything goes! People like food and they're willing to pay for it!

If you read this, please reply! If no one responds, then we know that it won't work. If you're in, leave a comment about what you can bring!!!!

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Please mark your calendars!!!

Allen would like FNF to help out with Exaltation on October 24th. Please mark your calendars and plan on coming up with some praise and hymns to sing. Leave a comment if you have a request! We will try to find a host who has a piano, but if you are a pianist, MAKE YOURSELF KNOWN! :)

We are feeding the First Light ladies on October 31. Hope you are thinking of an appropriate costume to wear so we can have fun. (Gatu will be Usher!) We will have clown there to face paint the ladies and maybe do some singing for them! Hope we can have a big group!

Fundraiser!!! If you would like to help boost the funds of Friday Night Feast for more outreach, activities, trips & fellowship, please read this post!

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Friday Night Feast October 8

Angela will be hosting FNF at her home this week. Please try to carpool as parking is limited!

Bring a Bible, a friend, and your thoughts to discuss God's Word!

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Blitzing Through Birmingham

Sarah's goodbye party was a HUGE success and 3 different teams of scavengers were able to race around historic places in Birmingham. The final champions are yet to be decided . . .

Tancia uploaded millions of photos so check HERE and see who should win!

For those of you who couldn't make it WE MISSED YOU!!!

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GYC Reminder

GYC will be in Louisville, KY on December 30, 2009-January 3, 20010. Please plan on attending! Registration for this conference will open in late summer 2009. Please check www.gycweb.org for more information!

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Saturday Night Hint #4

You will most assuredly want to bring your . . .

. . . if you don't, you'll regret it forever! Promise!

Do you have everything ready?!?

Hope so!

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Saturday Night Hint #3

Dress up . . . (that means look nice! It might not make sense right now, but if you do it, you'll understand!)

Ladies . . . now is your chance to wear something you might not get to wear very often!

Guys . . . if the ladies look like this . . . please make sure you look nice enough to hang out with them! :)

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