Oct 31 FNF

Come to Sarah's house for more good food and friends! Please meet at 6:30pm.
If you have juice, paper plates or cups, please bring 'em!

BYOB = Bring Your Own Bible! You'll need it!

If you need directions, please call 706-436-6992.

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Camping! You had to be there!

Cheech & Chong. Or ChiChi and Shim.

Saturday night camp stew prep. Thanks girls!

About to pounce on CJ.

Saturday night Mafia game!

Extra points for guessing who belongs to this tent!

Little River Canyon falls.

Silly girls . . . and some guys too!

Three manly men: Symon, Symon & Jeff.

Sabbath morning worship around the fire.

Silly girls! . . .

Almost everyone Sabbath morning. Where's Enoch?

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October 24 FNF

We'll be meeting at Jeff & Symon's house in Irondale for FNF this week. Plan to come by 7pm for a FEAST of Kenyan food! We're still studying the fruits of the spirit. Last week we talked about Joy, and this will we will study more about the fruits.

Come enjoy amazing food and good friends!

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Desoto State Park October 17-19

Our big fall camping weekend is finally here! It's looking like we'll have a pretty big group too! Lots of fun!
Please get directions to the park before you leave. Check here and it will give you exact directions from here to there. We may not have cell service there, so you won't be able to "phone a friend".

Here is what you should bring (in case you're not an expert camper yet! :)

Sleeping bag or blankets
Matt for the ground
Warm clothes
Cool clothes
Hiking shoes
Water bottles
Snack foods (whatever you like to eat outside of mealtime)
Games to play
Cooler with ice (if you have one)

Please try to be at camp before 8 pm. The gates are locked at 8pm and you will have to call to get someone to let you in the park. We will be camping in the PRIMITIVE CAMPSITE. Follow the directions to this area.

Feel free to bring anything else you want to add or if you don't like what we're having. No problem!

Camping Weekend Menu:

Friday night - Kenyan food (Symon & Jeff), juice

Sabbath Breakfast - Pancakes, eggs, hashbrowns & ketsup, OJ, fruit

Sabbath Lunch - everyone bring their own lunch (sancwiches, snack foods, fruit, anything that is easy to carry. Let's go explore the waterfall!)

Sabbath Dinner - Camp Stew (potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, garlic, peppers, meat (bring your own!), marinade & sauces), juice, smores

Sunday Breakfast - Croissants, eggs & cheese, OJ, Oatmeal

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FNF 10/10/2208

FNF will be at Birmingham First at 6:30 P.M.

eat something at home and come over for dessert, we will continues talking about the fruit of the spirit so come on and bring a friend

Javier & Aquila

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Sabbath Plans!

Hi everyone,
Kellie is getting baptized tomorrow at Ephesus Church. Let's go show our support!!! God is using her to reach so many people in her new career. Not sure when church service starts but let's get there on time.

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October 3 FNF

The fruit of the spirit is still the topic, and this week Joseph is leading us out in JOY. (In times like these, I think joy is a pretty important gift to have . . . )

We will be meeting at Birmingham 1st Church in Hoover at 6:30pm. Directions are here.

Please one of the following:

  • juice
  • potato chips
  • fresh fruit
  • cookies or other simple dessert
(please leave a comment or a note in the box to tell us if you're coming!!!!!)
Hope to see you all there. Bring a friend and come for the food and fellowship!

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