FNF Feb 26th - Post Snow Feast

To the Friday Night Feasters...

Happy Sabbath!

This week...

Briona leads out FNF!

Our humble host this week will be Rob!

Come out, bring food, support, make friends, make family, study the word...


We'll meet at

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FNF 2/20/15 - Cancelled

Due to weather. 
Have a happy Sabbath!

Hey all!

It's cold outside. Let's get together for some warm fellowship!

FNF tonight at Mikhail and Stacy's

1700 15th Avenue South, #B, 
Birmingham, AL 35205

Bring your Bible, a friend, and something to contribute to the feast.

See you there!

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No FEAST tonight...but LUNCH tomorrow


Hi Guys!

No FNF this week, but over the next few weeks look out for FNF by Undergrads!

In other News...

Tomorrow is Ephesus Young Adults Lunch!

Visit Ephesus SDA on Sabbath for details...

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2/6/15 - No FNF

There will be NO FNF this week. Happy Sabbath to all!

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