Past Prayers and Praises

August 23, 2013

Randelle - Happy for being able to see mom and praise that she made it back home safely

Kirk - Friend lost job and now has a mortgage to pay. Has been going through a difficult time for quite a while. Needs a new job, and also to discover what lesson God is trying to teach her through the difficulties

All students

Danielle - Happy to have moved safely to Birmingham and prayer to get over cold

Tancia - Cousin Timmy was hit by a car, but did not need surgery and is recovering well. Please keep him in prayer.

Prayer for the Thompsons on their first family mission trip.

Mikhail - For cousin to be acquitted

Chinwe - Thankful to be here in Birmingham, and that her friend has a healthy baby (pregnancy going well). Going through a rough time and needs guidance.

Vuyo - Direction

"For I know that through your prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ this will turn out for my deliverance". Phil 1:19

February 2013
Prayer/ Praise

Health -- praying for everyone who has a friend, family member or coworker who is sick or hurting. We ask for strength, healing and encouragement and cling to the words of Jesus in John 11:4 which say that, "This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby."

Praise -- Thank You Lord for all that you are doing in our lives and how you are showing us your plans for our lives and directing our next steps in career, love and school choices. "In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy path." Proverbs 3:6

Praying for our world -- seeing all the craziness and knowing that now is the time to give people a word in season... to share Jesus and our hope that, while things will get worse"for yet a little while ... He that shall come will come, and will not tarry." Hebrews 10:37

December 14, 2012
Prayer / Praise

Ann -- awesome work testimony! praying to be used by God-- as a witness to both coworkers and patients. Also praying for friend struggling with issues.

Kirstan -- praise report regarding insurance coverage at a super affordable cost. Gave thanks to God for how all things are working together for their move to TX. Praying about results of upcoming lab work.

Vuyo -- praise given for brother who is doing a better job of keeping in touch with the family and thankful that he's doing so well in his graduate coursework. 

TJ -- gave thanks for answered prayer-- had been praying for friend's journey back to a relationship with God and for friends' continued spiritual growth and strength.

Victor -- praying for Zeke and tough decisions.

Tancy -- praying for Mom's healing and strength and courage. And grandfather's also.


December 7, 2012
Prayer /Praise

Geneva -- thankful for tonight's lesson
Victor -- Interview on Monday
Michel -- Praying for Elisabeth who is looking for a job; also praying for Ever--  that his court case goes favorably that God works with him and through him. 
Michael -- Praying for mom's peace/ family home broken into
Candeis, Michael & Marcus's decision for baptism
Danae -- praying for her coworker's husband
Brian -- praying about tough decision; praying that everyone does well on their finals.
Tancy/Camille -- praying for mom & Granddad.

November 30, 2012

Brian -- testimony-- did well on presentation in spite of technical difficulties
Victor -- praise -- thankful for opportunity to learn so much. Prayer -- Hoping he can get a presidential pardon.
Shirley -- prayer -- that they are able to close on home.
Chichi -- prayer -- for help moving and for Caitlyn (pancreatic cancer)
Geneva -- testimony -- thankful for God preventing an accident
Tancia -- prayer -- mom's healing
Camille -- testimony -- Got a job! Prayer -- praying for mom and to be off on Friday nights
Vuyo -- prayer -- Luke & Rose's family loss. Two coworkers who lost grandmothers. Family of Jennifer.

November 2, 2012

Martenia -- thankful to have gotten applications in on time. Thankful for the Sabbath. Praying about a job.

Kirstan -- Believing that God will provide employment and work out situation with her certification.
Tancy -- praying for mom's healing.
Victor -- praying that he gets pardon and can take PT test
Marcus -- praying that he does well on exam; needs dependable patients
Melody -- praying that she does well on boards in two weeks
Randelle -- Praise-- cousin able to go back to school and acceptance into school
Christina -- not feeling well
Vuyo -- praying for a successful week of prayer @ Bham 1st .
TJ -- work issue-- that thanksgiving situation works out.
Praying for all affected by Hurricane Sandy
Praying for Frederico and Mikhail

October 26, 2012
Symon -- unspoken
Trudy -- testifying of God's faithfulness with interview. Praying for classmate whose husband left her and their kids.
Brian -- thankful for study group and Emma's attendance :)
Kirstan -- praying for jobs in TX for both her and TJ; also praying that her certification will be accepted there. Praying that TJ does well in school at Southwestern and that God provides housing and that everything works to His greater good.

Victor -- praying for guidance and direction in life and for anxieties.
Everyone -- guidance and direction in life and anxieties.
Scripture Break:  
"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." Phil 4:6-7
TJ -- Praying that God guides us all into His truth and that the Holy Spirit will mend strained friendships and show us how to reach out to friends who are hurting.
Tancy -- thankful that mom's second ultrasound didn't show another cancerous area.
Caitlin -- praying for peace for her and her family as she continues to battle pancreatic cancer.
Frederico -- praying for friend with a shoulder injury.
Marcus -- praying for injured ankle.
Doreen -- praying for peace and comfort for family of Christabel and James -- Christabel lost her mother.
Vuyo -- praying for families of the Elyton village kids. Guidance and opportunities to reach out to kids and parents.

October 19, 2012

Trudy -- classmate struggling with loss/abandonment of husband; praying for her and their kids.
Chichi -- praying for patience and better time management. 
Camille/Tanci -- mom's breast cancer diagnosis
Brian -- thankful for bible study
Marcus -- praying for ankle (healing and returned full range of motion)
Frederico -- friend Artur's mom's death; praying for the family's strength & comfort
Lots of unspoken prayer requests and requests for prayer for important life decisions and health.

September 28, 2012

Eliel -- praying for uncle who is sick and awaiting a kidney transplant.
Tancy -- praying for grandfather's continued recovery
Kirk -- praying for niece's hypertensive husband. Gave thanks for CT scan that came back normal!
Victor -- thankful for the Sabbath. Unspoken.
Chichi -- unspoken
Praying for those who are looking for employment.
Praying for the kids' program and good weather.

September 14, 2012

Victor -- praying that God will transform his character -- to be more like Christ's ... help him (gently) to learn humility. Praying that God will also show him the best decisions to make and constantly lead him.

Marcus -- praying that God will give him (& his girlfriend) a passion for... something/a ministry/reveal His will for their lives. Also praying that he can receive his W2 expediently. Praying for his brothers. Praying that God will bless the youth program in Elyton village. Gave thanks that we found favor with the BPD in the community. Praying for his abandoned teenage patients battling sickle cell, cancer & loneliness-- that God gives them peace, hope & healing and that people's hearts will be touched to reach out to them and show God's love as a tangible thing.

Tancia -- praying for Grandfather's healing after difficult surgery (peace, a speedy recovery & no more complications).

Rose -- praying that God will strengthen her belief.

Audrey Ann -- praying for increased faith in wake of recent baptism & strength as she goes through current trials... praying for friends, family, church & the conference -- unspoken.

Martenia -- praying for a job... soon. Praying that God's will be done in her life and that she can make the best decisions... praying for a renewed sense of purpose/assurance with regards to school and career plans.

Christina -- praying for her mother & her mom's faith ... that she continues growing in God and that her eyes will be opened to all the ways that God is taking care of her so her faith can grow.

Ryan -- praying for traveling mercies for his twin brother. Thankful for another year of life (upcoming birthday). 

Frederico -- gave thanks for being here/for the Sabbath.

August 10, 2012


Lots of praise and thanks given for God's faithfulness as we tithe.

Many praises & testimonies of God providing for people to go back to school.

Brian & Musekwa -- praying that God leads them to make the best possible decisions as they finish school.
Raymond -- summer & fall
Musekwa -- praying that his friend Obie finds a job soon
Ryan -- praying for grandmother in the hospital; also praying that his brother will turn to Jesus
CJ -- gave thanks to God for graduating from nursing school and for a job
Chichi -- praying for her attitude (especially at work) and that Sula can find a job. Gave thanks that he is nearly finished.
Marcus -- praying that his friend, recently released from prison, can find a job
Christina -- praying for the government and the prison system.
Lots of unspoken prayer requests 

July 6, 2012
Prayer Requests
... Simon's family
... Sandra - school, finances & major decision
... Geneva's brother - job & relationship with God
... Victor's mom's cousin who had a stroke
... An ability to witness, especially in science fields
... Many unspoken requests

Reports of Praise
... Geneva - God's direction & acceptance into nursing school
... Brian - God's direction with next steps
... Rose - For Geneva's awesome job placement skills
... Mikhail - wife's interview
... Adey - patience, God's guidance, success at GRE, acceptance into PhD program, faith, love
... Marcus - resolution of Sabbath conflicts, opportunity to share faith


June 15, 2012

Please remember the prayer requests that were voiced:

The bible workers as they labor in the heat each day.

Randelle as she searches for housing and transportation.

Candyce & Cara's dad's recovery.

Andrew as he travels to PA for missions work.

Trudy as she travels to JA for school.
Eliel as he travels to PR.
Leah as she finishes her PhD requirements.
TJ & Kirstan as they begin year two of marriage-- happy anniversary!
The Thompsons as they start their own dental practice.
Cassi & Aaron as they marry this weekend


April 27, 2012

Praying that all did well on exams/coursework this week & finished the semester strong!
Christina -- Praying for her mother's health.
Zeke -- Thankful for travelling mercies to Canada and praying for words of wisdom as he speaks to the youth of British Columbia.
Adé -- Praying for her mother's health and strength.
Eliel -- Praying for traveling mercies to Michigan.
Victor -- Praying that his brother does well in truck driving school; also praying that Victor will continue to be a good Christian influence to him. Shared testimony of how God continues to provide jobs for him.

Candeis -- Praying for peace, understanding and safety of her brother's family.
Pastor Horton -- Praising God for his son passing a test to become a teacher!
Melody -- Praying for paying dental patients.
Martina -- Praying for guidance and patience.
Cara -- Praying that her father continues to make progress and that he'll have a complete recovery. She's also thankful to God for providing them with a home!
Vuyo -- Praying for those who were/still are affected by the tornadoes of April 27th, 2011.
Ryan -- Praying for the bible studies that he is having with the two young men from GA; that they will be brought closer to God.
Rose -- Praying for patience with family and an increase in clientele.
Chinwe -- Gave thanks for God's faithfulness and timeliness; was happy to see everyone again.
Thank you Pastor Horton for the wonderfully challenging study and thanks in advance for when you come back to lead out again with Mrs. Horton!
Thank you Ryan and Leah for being awesomely accomodating hosts! Can't believe how much I loved the vegan everything!
April 6, 2012

Zeke -- working in a new church... thankful for the Spirit leading him. Prays that God will guide his lack of experience and his passion to do God's will. Also praying for his cousin in rehab.

Brian -- lecturing in a psychology class; thankful for the experience and glad that it went well.

Julian -- thankful to God for bringing their daughter Victoria through 2 surgeries & healing. Prayer for a job & that he get the internship he's applying for.

Jessica -- in drug rehab. Praying for her.

Purity -- thankful for tonight's reminder to trust God to provide everything.

Michaila -- thankful to be here-- reaffirmation to trust God's promises.

Chichi -- thankful for this joint bible study.

Praying for Pastor Monroe who had a stroke.

Praying for the family & friends of guys who drowned at Oakwood.

Praying that God gives us courage & insight when to share with others.

Symon -- shared testimony of brother who did well in school.

Raymond -- praying about having a positive influence on classmates/ study buddies... praying also for his immediate family.

Melody -- praying about school situation.



✦  Victor:
◦   Silent
◦   Thanks God  for realizing where he could have been, and where he is now
◦   Paid for books- God allowed him to work
✦  Brian:
◦   Fasted this week, and wanted to have an opportunity to share God.
◦   Got that opportunity
✦  Zeke: Prayer for friend- emotion issues- Prays God comforts him
✦  Rose:
◦   Praise computer got sorted out
◦   Prayer about tooth/teeth issue. Problem with dentist.
✦ Kirk:
◦   Praise- Mom was in ICU-> Back at home
◦   P.R- Surgery on Wednesday
✦ Eliel:
◦   Prayer about his girlfriend, and Christianity/Religion differences.
✦ Tonika:
◦   Prayer for smooth, transition
◦   Prayer for faith
◦   Praise/Prayer-- Great rotation –Good review
✦   Geneva
  • Silent Prayer
✦   Vuyo
  • Silent Prayer


  • Geneva-- Praise that every person she's met Birmingham had a good report of Adventist. Her Prayer request is for her Brothers old Roommate, Jarett , who's had cancer returned.
  • Brian- Praise- He Gave extra offering- more than he originally intended, and got a blessing from it. Was blessed with tuition money for school. He praises God for provision.
  • Alicia -- Praise- School tuition isn't paid for, but able to get transcript! Prayer request -- difficult school situation nonetheless, trying to get into school (Southern Uni)- May potentially move to Orlando. Praying for clarity, and guidance.
  • Veronica- Praise- Thanks God for allowing her to exercise faith, and is Prayer God works out her financial situation.
  • Victor-- Cousin is in Jail-- Prayer that he gets out on time.
    • Prayer for Amber Rose- She has a cold
  • Vuyo-- Prayer that he continues to trust in God. Praise- He Had Car issue that God helped him take care of.
  • Rose-- Thanks God for answered prayer for a growth in her business- Now has clients every day. Also praises God for allowing her to get into school. Praying for success. Also thanks God for Government money.
  • Yolandae - Thanks God for being sure. Praises God for being right on time. God a belt sold , and got her Check right on time!
  • Randelle-- Unspoken Prayer Request

Brian --  Praying about the new school year.

For everyone jumping into a new semester of teaching & learning,
we lifted you all in prayer on Friday.

Vuyo -- Praying for more faith & trust in God.

Trudy -- Praying for mom & sister's health. 
Thankful for experiences & summer's shadow opportunity.

Musekwa -- Gave thanks to God for his new job!

Symon - Thankful for God's on-time provision & answered prayer.

Lots of unspoken prayer requests, both of personal and intercessory natures -- Melody, Rose, Geneva, Tancia.

Friday's study was wonderful-- thanks Victor & Ryan! 


If you missed FNF, here are some of the things we are thankful for and praying about this week. 

  • Victor -- praying for the Lord to remove anger from his heart. 

  • Hilary -- has an interview TODAY (Monday).  Praying that it'll go well. 

  • Geneva -- thankful that her granddad's surgery was successful. 

  • Musekwa -- thankful for a good semester & an "A" in Calculus.

  • Kirk -- thankful to be done with radiation therapy earlier than planned with no serious adverse side effects.  

  • Tonika-- Praying for endurance for the next 5 months and praises God for lots of Progress in that area!

  • Ryan-- Asks for prayer about his personal issue.

Also, can we please pray for those FNFers who haven't been around for awhile?  Those who have moved away, those who are gone for the summer and those who are just not able to make it.

Finally, Ryan led an awesome study on the 2nd Angel's Message ("Babylon is fallen...") and closed with this text from Jeremiah 29: 4-18.  If you're feeling a bit down, read that and be encouraged.


  • Geneva- Praise-> Although terrified of the dentist, made it through the rough experience
  • Vic
    • Chris and Amber-> Prayer for safe travels
  • Pastor DaMarrus -> Prayer for Wednesday Night Youth Bible study
  • Toyin- Praise -> Thanks God for a wonderful successful week
  • Hilary-Praise
    • TJ and Kirstan-> Wedding went well
  • Rose- Prayer for her family
  • Kirk-Prayer over Cancer, radiation treatment. Really Needs sleep
  • Samantha-> Prayer about "Car health " and living situation


  • Tanci's --Grandparent's speedy recovery
  • Alicia-- School stuff, bills, Job hunting stress
    • Guidance: in some important decisions to make
  • Melody--Speedy recovery
  • Raymond--Transition state
  • Sherri-- Guidance and preparation for Maegan
  • Rose-- Preparation for upcoming Exam.
    • Lots of pressure and difficulty studying
      • Praise for teaching position at Samford University!
    • Prayer for direction while starting up a business
    • Needs experience for resume
  • Rose--Alesis-- Prayer about transfer to UAB, and obtaining a better job
  • Alesis-- Prayer to trust God in all situations
    • Praise for God taking care of his situation!
  • Chinwe-- Prayer she ends up where God really wants her to be
  • Tanya-- Prayer for April who lost Job
    • Financial struggles
  • Victor-- Praise to God for a Scholarship Award!
  • Toyin--Prayer the Lord helps her to make the right choices about everything
  • Tancy--Tiffany's Praise-- The Lord answered Many prayers in her life!
  • Ade-- Praise That God so divinely placed her in the right place.Praise for his direction!
      • Received an award for teaching!


  • Cassi -- prayer that her "dream job" is also God's will for her life; prayer for upcoming doctor's visit; praise for upcoming graduation and life changes & the opportunity to give bible studies @ work.
  • Brian -- financial aid testimony and praise that he can see God working in his life and teaching him about forgiveness.
  •  Toyin --  prayer for uncle with colon cancer, for continued dedication to God's will in her life (graduation/goals/future/engagement/future home, etc).
  •  Geneva -- intercessory prayer for Jared Wade, 27, who has cancer.
  •  Hilary -- praying for Selma SDA church which has had serious decline in congregation-- Shawn & Natalie's work in the community; also, please pray for full-time jobs for Matt & Hilary.
  •  Victor -- praising God for allowing his team to place 2nd runner up in competition.
  •  Chichi  --  praise/prayer for FNF to continue to grow and be led by the Holy Spirit;  also, pray that people will continue to want to take leadership roles.
  •  Tanci -- intercessory prayer for close friend Dianna whose little brother David (18) died in his sleep on Sunday morning. 
  •  We're still praying for Caitlyn, Cindy and family -- God's healing and a successful surgery. 

  • Aquila: 
    • Javier's Birthday last Friday
    • Praise for FNF "Newbies"
    • Praise for progress on attitude
  • Zeke:
    • Purchased Cap and Gown...ready for graduation
    • Prayer about decision on May 1st
  • Hilary & Matt:
    • Prayer about Bible studies with friends
    • Prayer for her students (Hilary)
  • Vic:
    • Prayer for Destin...
  • Chere-ann:
    • Praise for a Job Offer
  • Andrew:
    • Prayer over trial for the man who killed his best friend...the family and friends involved
    • Prayer for the man on trial
  • Chinwe:
    • Praise Passed!
  • Jason & Jessica
    • Prayer over Dads relationship...(Dad getting married)
  • Rose:
    • Prayer for a larger client base for her Personal business

  • the Japanese people and country's strong recovery
  • Chinwe's BIG DEADLINE/defense on Friday.
  • Hilary & Matt as they share the faith through bible study with friends. Also, that God'll work through them to witness to their family.
  • Rose's prayer for an increase in clientele.
  • Chere-Ann (& Chinwe) to find a job; also for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
  • Zeke's family in California (safety).
  • Raymond (& other students/teachers) to excel and finish the semester strong. Also, for the drive-thru prayer efforts.
  • Matt gave thanks that we have salvation and the ability to pray/ a way to approach God.
In light of Matt's praise of God's goodness (& the gift of a big, beautiful moon visible once Sabbath ended), I'll leave you with this text from Psalms 8:3-5.

    ...Lets Pray!
    Victor: Thanks and Praise for job blessings
    Aquila: Thanks for the sabbath. Prayer for Immigration issues
    Drew: Family custody issues. Prayer for eldest son of his cousin's children.
    Amber: Praise for a found mailbox key! Prayer for dad acquire a sought after job
    Zeke: Praise Someone is getting baptized. Prayer for cousin who needs help, spiritual guidance and peace.
    Vuyo: Tsunami/earthquake victims prayer
    Raymond: Prayer for family and travel plans, Study issues, and finishing work over the break
    inishing work by a deadline in 2 weeks- Also prayer for completion of school work.
        Chris: Prayer for his Granddad
        ____________________ 10/15/10 Kirstan: praise for passing school teacher certification interview TJ: praise for new job  Chris: pray for a blessed SEYC experience for all attendees; pray for wisdom to take career test on 28th Matt: pray for success at school and protection during Halloween  Hilary: praying for mother's religious convictions and mother's relationship problems  Vuyo: praise God for life and health  Simon: pray for safe travels and God's protection  Sara: pray for friend, Miranda, who is depressed; praise God for job opportunities and financial prosperity Tommy: learn how to use son's cell phone; praise God for new job opening  Raymond: pray for God's help with schooling, Randelle's job, and Raymond's friend (who is in a difficult situation)  Zeni: thankful for being here (at the study)  Rose: thankful for best friend (Christopher), praying for better job opportunity and family's spiritual and financial success and well-being
        ____________________ FNF 10/01/10
        Amber -- Got a job!
        Chris -- Pray for family: sister's diet/habits. Also praying for upcoming job interviews.
        Kirsten -- Pray for mother's upcoming surgery.
        Brian -- Got a scholarship! Tuition's paid for! And a car! Also praying about difficulties in school.
        Musekwa -- Praying for strength to withstand temptations and for spiritual growth. Is thankful for praying partner Vuyo.
        Chinwe -- Praying about issues brother is facing and for mother's encouragement. Also, graduation and friend Meshach's spiritual walk.
        Victor -- Hit a Benz but drove away with both cars unscathed! Praying about school and that his sister & brother will come back to God.
        Vuyo -- Intercessory prayer needed for associates/professors who were laid off recently; that God'll provide better job opportunities soon.
        Edwin -- Found an apartment super close to campus!
        FNF 9/17/10
         Prayer Requests 
      • Amber: God's provision for parents; may have to sell house 
      • Randelle: job, living situation; accept God's leading
      •  Matt: friend Harold convicted of murder committed in self defense
      •  Brian: prayer for school
      •  Cara: graduation in May; pray that she finds a job
      •  Zeke: projects he is about to embark on; prayer for good leaders
      •  BJ: prayer that new job in Montgommery would work out and he finds a place to live soon
      •  Michelle: pray for little Stardust who has cancer 
      •  Praise Chris: for being able to work, eat etc.
      •  Raymond: has been able to see his girlfriend for the past few weeks 
      • Randelle: provision 
      • Brian: back in school
      •  Cara: was stressed this week, the Lord uplifted her without her even asking
      •  Zeke: a friend gave him $6000 towards a new car! His friend was able to get full health coverage for his sick baby and felt impressed to give

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