August 28 FNF

School is officially IN, and we hope to have plenty of new friends join us this semester! Come join us for PRAISE night this week! We'll have a short devotional and then come with your praises to give Glory to God and fellowship together. Plan on plenty of music too!

If you haven't hosted in awhile (you know who you are) please help out by bringing something to share with everyone:

  • soda
  • juice
  • vanilla ice cream
  • fresh fruit

The Thompsons will be hosting. See you Friday night at 6:30. Study will start at 8PM.

If you come late, there's no guarantees on whether you'll get dessert . . .

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Botanical Gardens on Sabbath

Thanks Tancia for showcasing your amazing photography skills with that fancy camera of yours! :)

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Friday Night Feast - August 21!

Friday Night Feast will be hosted by Sarah this week and led out by Allen.
Be ready to leave your stresses of the week behind and be refreshed feasting in fellowship as we welcome the Sabbath together!
Now that school has finally started for everyone, it would be wonderful to see every member of Friday Night Feast! (yes, all of you who have not been here in a while. Remember, Sarah keeps count?;) j/k )

Please come by 7:00 pm for dinner. Study will begin @ 8pm!
You are welcome to bring any drinks or fruit of your choice.

Ps. park anywhere you can find parking on the street.

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Game Night!

Friday Night Feast is canceled this week due to lack of a host.

Instead, come to Beverly & Allen's for worship, praise, and games on Sabbath night at

To keep the party low key and easy on the hosts, please bring one of the following :
  • a special dish (not a whole meal) from your home country
  • a special dessert
  • drinks & fruit
Come for a fun night of laughing, memories, and craziness!

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There are several weeks coming up that we are looking for a host for FNF. Please check your schedule and if you are able to cook a meal and host (we don't mind crowding around and sitting on the floor!) please leave a comment or contact Karah!

August 21
August 28
Sept 11
October 2
October 9
October 23

Thank you all for your willingness to host, for cooking awesome food, and for being a part of FNF. It can't happen without ALL of us contributing.

Prayer requests will be coming up soon!

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August 7 FNF

ChiChi is hosting this week and she promised us Zambian food!!!

Please bring some fresh fruit (grapes, bananas, apples, oranges) to contribute.

Aquila will be leading the study. Don't forget your Bibles and a notebook and pen!

Looking forward to another night of fellowship and prayer.

"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him." I Cor. 2:9

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Community Service Sabbath

Although we weren't allowed to photograph the people we served, here are some photos of the preparation before we began serving the ladies. Adey wrote a piece about her experience. Read on . . .

An Experience One Sabbath

Not very many words at all

Just another view through a different pair of eyes

I saw hurt

I saw smiles

I saw weariness

I saw joy

I saw fear

I saw concern for others

I saw pain

I saw strength

I saw endurance

I saw life

I saw the need for LIGHT

We do not know, we really do not know anything

What I saw I have seen in me

And what I do know is that WE are called to be the salt of the earth

A simple meal was served

A single act in the hands of God can change a life for eternity

We do not know, we really do not know how

Take the time to look at things in life through a different pair of eyes

And you cannot help but to know and be thankful for the fact that we serve a risen Savior

Praise God! Yanju O'

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