FNF 8/29/14

"Love never fails..." 1 Cor. 13:8
"God is love..." 1 John 4:8

Hi all! FNF this week will be held at Mikhail and Stacy's place! 7:30pm.
Victor will be leading out our Bible study this week.

So come on out! Bring your Bible, bring a friend, bring a drink, plates/cups/utensils, bring a dish to share. Please bring beans, rice, dip etc. to go along with chips and tortillas.
Come out and enjoy the food, friends and fellowship. God bless, and Happy Sabbath when it comes!

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Friday August 22nd Feast

This Week, 

Franklin will be our study leader!

Friday Night Feast will take place a Rob's Apt.

Be there...
Be blessed...

Tonight we start at 7:30

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Evangelistic Series

There will be regular FNF next week.... 
but this week....


Support the Evangelistic Crusade hosted by Birmingham International Church
Stay Blessed and be a Blessing to someone...

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We need some Study leaders and hosts over the next month! There is now a FNF calender! Take a look to the right. Whenever someone is scheduled to lead out we'll post it here! In fact when there are events like Sabbath Potluck we'll post that as well! Unfortunately, we we don't have a host or leader this week.

 This means we'll have to cancel FNF again. 

Anyone interested in leading out? Contact Raymond/Randelle...Also there is a chat box on the left (if you are viewing the site from a laptop/pc) Leave a note and we'll work something out!

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FNF 8/1/14

Super late post this week, sorry guys. FNF will be at Randelle's place!

116 Aspen Circle, Apt 203
Birmingham, AL 35209

Come on out at 7:30 and let's spend a little time fellowshipping together.
Happy Sabbath!

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