10-22-15 Feast - not today

No FNF today....
If we camp next week, We'll have it there next week...
Check back later FNF

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10/16/15 - No FNF

No FNF everyone. Have a blessed and Happy Sabbath!

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No 10-9-15 feast.....However...Potluck on Sab 9th!



on Sabbath

Oct 10th-
YA Potluck is this weekend.

In Roberts words...

"The theme is CarribbioSoul! What does this mean? It mean we are looking for a fusion of Caribbean and Soul Food. Try to put your new spin of favorite dishes. Blending traditions are a great way to forge relationships and establish bonds. We would like to use the differences between us to fuel the community we have but it requires YOUR participation. So please show us your inner foodie and the best part of your American/Caribbean flavor."

If you are interested in attending and would like more info contact Rob
 (or leave a message in the comments for help)

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FNF 10.2.15

It's the weekend again! Time to relax and sit at the feet of Jesus!

This week's FNF will be hosted by Robert!

His address:

*Up the white walled driveway. In front of the second building all the way at the end.

Christina will lead our Bible study tonight!

Come on out
Bring your Bible
Bring a friend
Bring a dish to share
And let's fellowship together!

Happy Sabbath!

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