Apr 30 Feast

Theme: Creative Evangelism

Friday Night Feast Creative Evangelism Month comes to a close!

Physical food Time: 7:00pm

The Spiritual food will be presented by: Ryan Swain

Starting at 7:30pm

Our Host this week is: Tancia

514 Roselle Lane, Irondale, AL 35210

What you can do!:
Please bring plastic forks, plates, fruits, drinks and cups if possible ^_^

Always remember to bring a Bible, a pen and a notebook!

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Friday 16 Feast

Friday Night Feast Theme: Evangelism

Friday Night Feast is continuing with Evangelism Month, so we will have another special speaker in our midsts.

Physical food Time: 6:30pm
(We will have extra praise and testimony time )

Spiritual food: Mason West Time: 7:30pm

Title: Evangelism through Excellence

Hosts: Karah and Tre Thompson

536 LaSalle LnBirmingham,
AL 35210

Note Well!
On Sabbath the 17th, we will continue with outreach (in similar fashion to what took place last week). Consequently we will meet at Birmingham First Church at 2:30pm (4/17/10).

There will be Lots of Food...Lots of Fellowship...Lots of Family...
always remember to bring a bible, a pen and a note book!!!!

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