5-27-16 - No Feast

Due to 
and thus the need for many to travel...

there will be 

FNF this week..

Have a safe weekend everyone!!!

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5-20-16 Feast

This week at the Friday Night Feast

We will continue where Leroy left off...

This week Sharon will host the Feast!
She promises a taste of home ^_^

Please come out for 7pm

The address is


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5-13-16 No FNF 5-14-16 Potluck

This week is 2nd Sabbath Potluck!

From Robert

"POTLUCK! We will have our month potluck during this time. The theme with be Hispanic infusion so bring your spices and your colors with your entree. Hispanic items refer to those dishes from a country whose official language is Spanish. (I.e. Caribbean: Cuba, DR, PR, Cozumel, Honduras) But Brazilian foods do not fit because their official language is Portuguese. "

FNF will take a break this week, but don't hesitate to get together ^_^

No FNF This week
But, don't miss next weeks study!

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7-6-16 Feast

This week at Friday Night Feast - Judges 19+

Leroy will lead our study this week and Danielle will host us!


FNF Starts at
7 pm
Please bring drink and/or dessert to contribute to the feast.

See you there!

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