Prayer Requests

Brian --  Praying about the new school year.

For everyone jumping into a new semester of teaching & learning,
we lifted you all in prayer on Friday.

Vuyo -- Praying for more faith & trust in God.

Trudy -- Praying for mom & sister's health. 
Thankful for experiences & summer's shadow opportunity.

Musekwa -- Gave thanks to God for his new job!

Symon - Thankful for God's on-time provision & answered prayer.

Lots of unspoken prayer requests, both of personal and intercessory natures -- Melody, Rose, Geneva, Tancia.

Last Friday's study was wonderful-- thanks Victor & Ryan! 

{Paraphrased} Quote of the night: 
"Although it's an honor to be tempted like Jesus, we must be honorable when tempted."  Brian M.

Memory Verse (for the hard times)... Psalms 91

Until Friday, have a great week!