Night Explorers

CJ braved the waters with Tre. Bold man, he is!

For those of you who missed our FNF canoe trip, here are a few pictures. If it looks fun to ya, make sure to mark your calendars for October 17-20 for a camping trip to Florida together!
Good times ahead!

Last night, we had a good group who ventured onto the Cahaba River and paddled two miles upstream to a water treatment plant, and then canoed back downriver. It was pitch dark about a mile into the trip which made for some exciting times! "Left, left LEFT, there's a tree!" and "Um, I think we should go this way, I see "eyes" up there".

ChiChi and Karah navigated smoothly through dark waters!

We missed Beverly and Allen in the group shot.

*Note: when Aquila wants to move a canoe, that girl can MOVE a canoe!*