FNF - Sept 26th

This week FNF is at ChiChi/BJ's place. We're making our way through studying the fruits of the spirit, so bring your Bible, come for some good food, and bring a friend! (I'm gunning for Zambian food! I'm thinking it's about time for ChiChi to cook!)

Looking forward to seeing you there!


idoc said...

do u need me to bring anything?
text me. i won't have access to internet today.

Chic said...

Hello all. Yes FNF will be at my place but no Zambian food :( I don't get out of clinic till late in the afternoon. But I will need Drinks and fruit. Join us as we celebrate the friut of the spirit. Thompsons, we will miss you and definately pray for you. Safe drive.

wolverines81 said...

What time??