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Summer has been kind of crazy with schedules, but we're getting back in the swing of things. Javier suggested that we do some fun things together as a group, so that's what we're about to do.

We need your input on what sounds fun . . .

  • Interested in a cultural outing? The Art Museum has some excellent exhibitions we could view and then go out to eat together. The museum is FREE.
  • Never been canoeing? This looks like so much fun. Anyone free Sunday night August 10 OR September 7? Let's make reservations! (It's only about $15 per person for an evening of adventure.)
  • Summer Film Series at the Alabama Theater looks fun. It's only $6 to watch an old film in a completely restored old theater. Sunday showings at 2pm through the summer. And for Jeff and Symon, they have a link to directions! :)
  • Sabbath Picnic at Moss Rock preserve would be great. Several hiking trails near a creek, and some bouldering and rock-climbing also. It's only 5 minutes from the church!
  • Sabbath Hike and Picnic overlooking Birmingham at Ruffner Mountain. Hike in 2 miles and look out over the city. Even on a hot day it's worth the view!
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens are gorgeous and FREE. If you've never been there, it's HIGH TIME you go! It's in the middle of Birmingham so it would be a great place to meet on Sabbath afternoon!
That should be a start. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW about what sounds most fun to you. Let the planning begin!

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the dad said...

All these suggestions sound like a great time (yes, even the art museum, Karah). I hope that everyone gives some feedback and more ideas. We need to keep the group active and connected. This sounds like a wonderful way to get to know each other better.

And please, people! Vote on what we want to study on Friday nights! I would love to see a little more continuity from one week to the next, so that we can delve a little deeper into this thing we call religion :)

wolverines81 said...

Yeah I agree all the ideas sound like winners... sept 7th would be better...I don't get back in town until the 14th or soo...I miss everyone!!! Can't wait to get back and get the ball rolling!! Hope everyone is doing well!

C-jay91 said...

All these ideas sound perfect but for me it would be canoeing, never done that before, and would certainly have fun with y'all... the other idea that sounds great is the moss rock preserve sabbath picnic...lookin forward for these events to happen.

idoc said...

i want to do ALL of them! =D they all sound so exciting!

Open Air said...

These are great ideas! I am especially interested in canoeing, Moss Rock, and Ruffner Mountain. We have to check his work schedule, but it looks like Sept. 7 might be a better canoeing time for us.

jeff said...

Fantastic ideas ,i love all this .canoeing will be top my list. and this Ruffner mountain okay!!!!!