Friday June 4th Feast

Friday Night Feast Sandwich night!

On this special opening of the Sabbath, we will all take part be sandwiches which will be made!
Yes! This week you will be the sandwich artist, so there would be no need to go to subway ^_^! Please bring your favorite sandwiches to share (OH other dishes are also welcome :) ! While on such a chewy note, it would be wonderful if some volunteers also brought drinks to share with everyone!

Cassi is the study leader this week, so also be prepared as usual for much spiritual food

So remember guys...this week it is a sandwich "potluck," so more than a few people will provide food.

The Physical Feast will transpire at...7 pm at...
Toyin's place:

401 20th Street S. Apt #207
Birmingham, AL

Toyin's note *Go to the second gate on 4th Ave South closest to Richard Arrington Ave. You will see a call box and look up my name and it will call up to my place and I'll buzz you in!

*There will be Lots of Food...Lots of Fellowship...Lots of Family...always remember to bring a bible, a pen and a note book...and sandwiches!!^_^!!*