Friday Night Feast Potluck!!! 09/17/10

!Friday Night Feast!

Friday Night Feast Potluck!!!

So this means... Everyone participates in brining your favorite feast dish to share with everyone!
(as well as show off any potential cook book recipes?) Yes it's a Potluck but it can also include drinks and desserts ^_^

This week our study leader is the youth paster for Birmingham First, Pastor Zeke!

The Feast will be served at Birmingham First Church

Birmingham first Church
3520 Lorna Road Birmingham, AL 35216-5902

The Physical feast will be served (by you!) at 7:00pm
and Spiritual feast will be served at 7:30pm

Please come out so that there would still be Lots of Food...Lots of Fellowship...Lots and of Family...!!^_^!!


Note Well!

email: or call 205.401.4286

Update on Rafting.
Rafting on the Ocoee is not possible right now, so
our alternatives are camping at Desoto, Fort Payne and at Lake Guntersville.
Starting saving up your $20 camping fees. We will be collecting them starting next week. At this point Oct 22 weekend is the date for camp.