Friday 2/25/11 Feast

!Friday Night Feast!

FNF, We have officially completed the Book of Acts! It only took some 9 months or so... but certainly everyone now should have a deeper appreciation and understanding for the "Apostles Acts"...
Our next Study we will take on a shorter book...

The feast will take place at the Birmingham First Church
Our hosts will be Chris and Amber Yarbrough!

Haystacks tonight!
update:This week Yarbrough's have asked anyone that could contribute Drinks and Dessert to do so! ^_^

Birmingham First Church
3520 Lorna Road
Birmingham, AL 35216-5902

Our study Leader information will be updated during the week...

Physical feast starts at 7:00 pm
Spiritual Feast starts at 7:30 pm

Come out and partake of the Food...the Fellowship...and the Family...!!^_^!!