February 3rd-- At One Ment

Leviticus 16, Wordle

Dearest FNF-ers,

Please spend an extra few seconds observing the "wordle" above--
you have no idea how frustrating it was to get it on the blog and I just need
reassurance that it received even slightly more interest than
the usual istock photo of veggie lasagna.

Alrighty, moving on... Hope you're having a wonderful week!
Friday Night Feast will be hosted by our favorite Latinos
--Ezequel & Eliel!
Please remember your handouts from last week as
Hilary will conclude our study on Hebrew feasts with the Day of Atonement.
Here is a link to additional information for those who missed out.
We'll eat at 6:30p & start the study at 7:30p.

If you can, please write in the chatbox if you're able to
bring fruit, drinks or a dessert. Thanks!