July 20th -- A Life Distilled

Turn my eyes from looking at worthless things; and give me life through your word.  
Psalm 119:37
Good Evening!

Once again, I apologize for such a last minute posting...

UPDATE::: Brunch, it's what's for dinner!
We will have a breakfast-themed potluck @6:30pm.
Please bring something to share (fruit, cheese, OJ, bagels, fake bacon, etc) & your bibles 'cuz...
Ryan will present his last FNF bible study for awhile so please come out and fellowship with us.
Hope you've had a wonderful week and to see you tomorrow!
Wanted to share an excerpt on surrendering from a blog, "Beholding the Beloved" ...
For when we surrender, we are free. When we give up our own lives, we gain a new one. When we hand over our free-will, our independence, do we receive our true freedom. Your will, God, not mine. You are faithful. Surrendering is something i pray becomes a daily commitment. It is so necessary to constantly surrender - our own desires, our own intentions - so that the Lord may do what He wills and use us even more than we could ever imagine.
"We have been like bathers who want to keep their feet - or one foot - or one toe - on the bottom, when to lose that foothold would be to surrender themselves to a glorious tumble in the surf. The consequences of parting with our last claim to intrinsic freedom, power, or worth, are real freedom, power and worth, really ours just because God gives them and because we know them to be (in a sense) not "ours"." C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves