Prayer for Matt's Family & Friends

"I'm grateful for your sense of humor, your wonderful smile, your great laugh. I'm grateful for memories. I'm grateful for this reminder not to take people for granted. I'm grateful for this sorrow, it's a sign of how much you meant to me. I'm grateful that my belief system tells me death is not the end. I'm grateful for life. I'm grateful for love. I hope you knew how much you were loved, by so many people." Emily S., friend of Matt's.

This week we're praying for:

The family and friends of Matt Bosley who died last Friday of a heart attack. Matt was a wonderful friend and the consummate FNF-er: a lover of God, nature, fun, food, movies & campfire Mafia. We came to know him through his relationship with his best friends, Tre' & Karah Thompson and grieve with them and others at his unexpected death.

There have been other recent, sad developments in the past few weeks and, as I read some of the posts left on Matt's wall by hurting friends, they summed up so eloquently how I've been feeling for awhile now. Here's the last one by Elisa R. As you read it, think not only about friends and loved ones who are no longer with us, but also think about people in your immediate sphere of influence who might be depressed, lonely or struggling with important decisions who could use a listening ear or advice or an invitation to lunch.

",,,Matt had this ability to be sincere and honest with his thoughts and feelings, he may not have always had a filter, but he was ALWAYS heartfelt. In that spirit, I'll forgo appropriate for honesty. I can't say bye or write you a beautiful eulogy because I don't UNDERSTAND what or how or why he was taken like this. I am angry for him - this IS unfair. He deserved better. I wish I could wake up on Thursday and change this chain of events, or call, or see him, or be there.

I wish I had gone to hang out every time I was too moody/busy/lazy. I wish I had called more. I wish I had taken more pictures. I wish I had more time and used it wisely. I wish I could debate/argue/ bargain with someone to bring Matt back.... I am so angry for every second that I don't remember because I thought I would have another one.... I cannot tie up this post in a bow of a clich├ęs and silver linings. Grieving is grieving.

However, this loss has forced me to look at my loved ones with more tenderness and patience and appreciation - sometimes we need to re evaluate where our time is spent: Desk vs. Home. TV vs. Friend. Game vs. Talking... Sometimes we need to be a lil more like Matt and text someone and say "Coffee?"

Love you guys.
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November 2011, Railroad Park visit
June 2010, FNF family at Tre's graduation
June 2010, Tre' trying to show some love to his best friend.

November 2011, Taj India after stuffing ourselves on a Diwali feast.

July 2009, Chattanooga -- Tubing Fun

Sloss Furnace 2011 photo shoot -- Making Karah LOL, not CIS
Railroad Park 2011-- Just having fun

October 2009, FNF @Angela's ... Before Gen & Rose, there were Tre' & Matt.

July 2009 -- FNF Camping/Tubing group photo