FNF 6/27/14 - Potluck!

We're almost halfway through 2014!!!

Hasn't the Lord been good? Let's take a moment to praise Him. 
He's brought us all a mighty long way!

Alesis will lead our Bible study this Friday night! Come on out to Mikhail and Stacy's place as we study, fellowship and grow together. This may be one of the last FNF's we'll have with Alesis & Rose, so make sure to come on out! Start time 7:30pm.

Bring what you can to contribute to the feast 
(suggestions - pasta, sauce, garlic bread, fruit, juice, 
plates/cups/utensils - anything else you'd like to share!)

1700 15th Ave South, Apt B
Birmingham AL 35205

See you there!

Suspend reality with me for a moment. I promise I’ll bring you back. :)
What if you woke up tomorrow with a message from God (a note, an email, His voice – however your suspended reality works best in this situation) and the message said that in 30 days God was going to answer your deepest prayer.
In 30 days, God was going to do the exact thing you’d been praying He would do.
How would you live these next 30 days if you knew God was about to change everything?

Romans 12:12 says to rejoice in hope and Romans 5 says hope does not disappoint us. So…..
Maybe this is reality. Maybe being ridiculously full of hope is the real life we were meant to have.

Would you live today differently if you knew the answer to your prayer was right around the corner?
Exceprt by Annie Downs