Camping Trip? Anyone?!

OK, it's time to decide on another camping trip!

Here are some options and majority rules. (That means that whatever weekend and whatever location gets the most votes, that's where we go) SO VOTE! Please!!
  • Port St. Joseph State Park - located in the Gulf of Mexico on the "Forgotten Coast" area of Florida. It's quiet, gorgeous, warm, and full of great campsites and peaceful white beaches. $20 per campsite, water and electricity included, bathroom & shower nearby. (About 6 hour drive from Birmingham)
  • St. Andrews State Park - also in the Gulf of Mexico. White sand beaches, close to Panama City so a little less quiet and private. $24 per campsite, water and electricity, bathroom and shower nearby. (About 5 hour drive from Birmingham)
  • DeSoto State Park - in North East Alabama, we went here last fall and camped in a big field and hiked around the waterfalls. This time, we can camp in the regular campsites with water, electricity and showers. $25 per campsite. (About 1.5-2 hours from Birmingham)
  • Gulf Shores State Park - also in the Gulf of Mexico. White sandy beaches, close to Mobile Bay and Pensacola. $25-28 per campsite, water, electricity and bathhouse included. (About a 5 hour drive from Birmingham)
Please check your calendar before voting. Because of the distance involved, I would recommend taking off Friday so there is more time to enjoy the beach. It will be worth it, I promise, but make sure you are choosing the weekend that works best with your schedule!

Please vote ON THE SIDEBAR POLL! I'll be checking it frequently to see what's winning! If you haven't been camping before, just talk to someone who has gone. I'm sure they'll tell you to come join us!!!
Have a great week everyone!


idoc said...

we have an FNF event scheduled for 4/24~26 on our calendar. >_<