FNF 03.06.09

Hope all of you enjoyed the few hours of snow we had past wknd!

This week, BJ will be our gracious host and Aquila will enlighten us with a study/discussion on the second commandment! With such a interesting discussion and many spiritual inputs from everyone on our first commandment study, expect mucho blessing from this week's study as well! Why not already go ahead and dwell on the topic to learn and share with everyone?

Please join BJ @

This is close to Birmingham First church 2nd apt complex on left coming from church towards the galleria (the Park at Galleria)

Please bring:
fruit of choice, chips, Juice, paper plates, or paper cups

AND a friend! ^____________^

RSVP to this post or on the chatter box to your right on this screen.
Hope you are already excited to feast this friday as the Sabbath hour approaches!
Happy Almost Sabbath!