October 26th -- Amorite or am I right?

Please read the NLT version of Psalms 73. The whole thing. It's great. Click HERE.
T.G.I.F Good people!

ACHTUNG! This last minute post shall be LONG.

FNF Potluck @ Birmingham 1st SDA tonight @ 6:30pm.
3520 Lorna Road, Birmingham, AL 35216
I'll endeavor to recreate Carmen Lau's delicioso potato curry soup and hope you guys will provide everything else.
Please write in the chat box to the left if you can bring any of the following:
Bowls & spoons -- these are important!
Bread or crackers
Side dishes

We'll have part two of our study "Ahab Buys the Farm" @7:30pm.
Please come and bring a friend and a bible.

Here are the prayer requests from last week:

Trudy -- classmate struggling with loss/abandonment of husband; praying for her and their kids.
Chichi -- praying for patience and better time management. 
Camille/Tanci -- mom's breast cancer diagnosis
Brian -- thankful for bible study
Marcus -- praying for ankle (healing and returned full range of motion)
Frederico -- friend Artur's mom's death; praying for the family's strength & comfort
Lots of unspoken prayer requests and requests for prayer for important life decisions and health.


Finally, to close out our October Memm (this is how it should be spelled) Month... I present to you the rejects, or, the honorable mentions. I couldn't make these work for the month but thought they were funny anyway.
See you tonight!