October 5th -- Memes, Rap & October Already?!

 I have discovered this principle of life—that when I want to do what is right, I inevitably do what is wrong. I love God’s law with all my heart.  But there is another power within me that is at war with my mind. This power makes me a slave to the sin that is still within me.  Oh, what a miserable person I am! Who will free me from this life that is dominated by sin and death?  Thank God! The answer is in Jesus Christ our Lord. So you see how it is: In my mind I really want to obey God’s law, but because of my sinful nature I am a slave to sin.
So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.  And because you belong to him, the power of the life-giving Spirit has freed you from the power of sin that leads to death. Romans 7:21- 8:2

Hey Peeps!

So I'm a little late but I've fallen in love with memes. They crack me up and I found a website with a ton of Christian ones so, the month of October, in addition to being Breast Cancer/Domestic Violence/Rett Syndrome/Squirrel Awareness month, will be "FNF Meme month". We'll start with the one above which kind of relates to the bible study last Friday and ties into a song by a rapper that I wanted to introduce. 

LeCrae is a crae-zy skilled Christian lyricist from Houston. He just released an album last month but I started listening to his old stuff from YouTube and I'm in love with the words to his songs. The beats are ok-- a lot of Dirty South, heavy bass anthems that encourage you to Go Hard for Jesus & get crunk (yay-yuh!) ... this song is a little more mellow and reads like an urban prayer to Christ for daily sanctification:

If I haven't totally offended you by including both Dos Equis bottles & Babylon wannabe music on the FNF blog, then I'll go ahead and get to the point of the post:

FNF will meet @ Birmingham 1st SDA this Friday evening @ 6:30pm.
The address is 3520 Lorna Road, Birmingham, AL 35216
Since we're having our "feasts" on Fridays and "soup" on Saturday mornings, for the next 8 weeks we will use FNF to study our Sabbath School lessons. Here's a LINK!so you can read up and come prepared to participate like never before :)

We'll have a Taco Soup potluck -- we'll supply the taco soup but need your help with sides.
Please write in the chat box to the left of the website if you can bring one of the following:  
Tortilla chips
Shredded cheese
Cornbread/ bread
Sour Cream
Green onions/Tomatoes
Napkins/Forks/Plates/Bowls/Spoons/Cups -- this stuff's important!
Fruit or dessert

I think that's it-- please come early so we can all share in the goodness of the food and also allow time to discuss plans for Saturday morning's Soup project. God Bless & hope you have a wonderful week!

Sheesh-- this is long.
Prayer/ Testimonies

Eliel -- praying for uncle who is sick and awaiting a kidney transplant.
Tancy -- praying for grandfather's continued recovery
Kirk -- praying for niece's hypertensive husband. Gave thanks for CT scan that came back normal!
Victor -- thankful for the Sabbath. Unspoken.
Chichi -- unspoken
Praying for those who are looking for employment.
Praying for the kids' program and good weather.