FNF April 10

To continue our deep & wonderful discussion lead by Joseph last week....
Feasting this week will be hosted by Sarah this week.

Please bring fruit of your choice
(bananas & strawberries & kiwis preferred ^^).
We will have Korean food/crepes for dessert.

Expect to be BLESSED this week!
We will have a special guest to lead our study. It will definitely be an incentive for you to get through this week.

Now, our guest will be driving 2.5 hours (one way), so we are going to eat PROMPTLY at 6:30pm for food and start AT 7:00pm!!! SO PLEASE BE ON TIME! no joke.

Please invite your friends and let me know if you are coming or not.
you can call me & leave a msg, text me, email me (simplisarah@gmail.com), or leave a comment on this blog.

I'm already looking forward to seeing all of you this week! Let's bring down the house!