Exaltation & FNF!

This week is another Praise Night! We will be singing for Exaltation at Birmingham 1st Church on Sabbath (and available to sing at other churches soon!) so come with your voice, instrument and song requests!

The Choi family will graciously be hosting us so please be on time so we don't stay too late!

If possible, please carpool with someone to reduce the amount of cars to park.

Sept. 25
6:30pm !!
301 Yorkshire Dr.
Homewood, AL 35209

Please don't forget: feeding the ladies at First Light shelter starts Sabbath afternoon after church. Should we potluck for lunch and then fix food for the ladies?


theshocktart said...

It was Great ^_^!!!

Anonymous said...

It was great.
In case you missed it, Sarah led her last FNF bible study for awhile (boo).

She read from John 21:1-14 and it was the conclusion to an earlier study on Peter/fish/Jesus/faith, etc.

I'm sorry that I don't have the other texts that were used to supplement the lesson :-(