September 18 @ Birmingham 1st

Photo credit: sonicwalker

Please join us for Friday Night Feast at Birmingham 1st SDA Church. We will meet in the youth room at the downstairs entrance at 7:00pm. Dinner provided by Javier & Aquila!

Ryan will be leading out the study so bring a BIBLE!

If you are able, please bring drinks or a simple dessert to contribute to the meal!

3520 Lorna Rd
Hoover, AL


TJ Sands said...

A friend and I will be there! We will bring some cookies and juice.

tancy said...

I came, I feasted and I took notes! Or at least managed to get the main scriptures if you'd like to study them later on.

Ryan's study focused on the end of the sermon on the mount.
The main text: Matthew 7:21-28
We also pulled from Rev 12:15, James 1:2-5, Matt 25 (think sheep/goats), Romans 10:14 and the controversial 1 Corinthians 3:10-23.
Songs that came to mind on this rainy FNF meeting include, "Showers of Blessing" & "Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock." (Of course, I was late so I'm not sure that these were actually sung but they were quite appropriate).

Aquila and Javier saved the best for last with yummy, yummy tostadas.
that's all folks!