October 2 FNF

Toyin is hosting this week! We will be continuing our study of the Sermon on the Mount with Tancia, so bring your Bibles and a notebook!


If people can bring fruit (strawberries, grapes etc) and Juice, that would be helpful.


Anonymous said...

So, I led the study last Friday. Thanks to EVERYONE for their participation and Toyin for the WONDERFUL Nigerian food... (did you know that in Nigeria, there are 365 days in a year:-) ....
Gellof rice, beans, plantains, banana bread, spinach... And the Word.

We used the Beatitudes (Matt 5:1-12) and David's experiences and prayers (2 Samuel 12:1-25, Psalm 51:1-17), and Matt 7:1-5 to help us remember to check our attitudes-- where are our priorities? are we "poor in spirit" and who is our Mirror when we are judging our spiritual condition/ blindness to our own Bathshebas.

Thanks to everyone for a lively discussion and the worship songs were nice and amazingly, almost, on-key!