FNF-Church service preparation

Hey guys,

We'll be meeting at the Church for FNF this week.
We will be going over our program for the Church service.
So please be there!
We'll eat at 6:30
and We'll start at 7:30.

We'll have Haystacks.

Dinner will be simple. =)

We are going to have sandwiches again.
I need someone to bring:

1 loaf of bread
jar of PB
jar of Jelly
2 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
2 avocadoes

(Karah, can you send the utensils, plates, juice, etc with Tre? Thanks)

Thanks guys and see you soon!!!


girlwithmoxy said...

I can send:
1 loaf of bread

Symon has in the cooler of leftovers:

Peanut Butter jar
Chips (which we could exchange at Sam's club for tortillia chips instead of potato chips)

Does that help?

idoc said...

yes ma'am~! thank you!
you don't have to exchange it.
we can just have regular chips.

wolverines81 said...

Sooo how did the Sabbath program go???!!