Food on the Fire

OK, the general plan for the food this weekend is:

Friday Night Supper - Symon & Jeff will cook for everyone.

Sabbath Morning - Pancakes, eggs, tofu, potatoes, OJ, fruit (camping breakfast is a big deal, so it'll be good!)

Sabbath Lunch - everyone bring whatever they would like (PB & J, sandwiches, chips, drinks, fruit, snack mix, etc) just bring enough to make yourself a lunch. We will probably be out hiking or swimming so whatever sounds good to eat!

Sabbath Dinner - Camp stew (carrots, potatoes, onions, veggie meat, spices,) cooked in the fire, Juice, Smores, Caramelized Apples (cooked in the fire)

Sunday Breakfast - Pancakes, eggs, OJ, fruit, whatever is left!
Sunday Lunch - leftovers or whatever you want for hanging out or hiking again.

I'll get everything for all the listed meals and we'll just divide up the cost. Symon & Jeff shouldn't have to pay since they are providing a meal for everyone.

Does anyone have any other suggestions for meals instead of what is listed? Just leave a comment and let me know. I'm totally open! I won't get groceries until Friday morning!

If anyone is in the market to buy a tent, now would be the time!!! I'm getting a little worried about the tent situation/ :(


the dad said...

And don't forget to look at the list in the next post about what you SHOULD bring! Food is going to be great, but you'll want something to eat it with :)

wolverines81 said...

good idea!! we could also go caveman like Lol....soo what's up w/ the tent? how much does one cost? do we have any?

wolverines81 said...

I have established contact w/ the SDA student group @ UAB!!!