Ordinary Attempts

Ya'll missed out! Waffles, eggs, tater tots and OJ were on the plate and we ate by candlelight on the back deck. Kellie joined us from UAB dental school, and since this girl knows everyone, we'll have some more join us soon!

Discussion revolved around our call to be disciples of Jesus and what that means in a practical sense each and every day. It was recommended that everyone check out Doable Evangelism to read some really touching stories about people reaching out in the name of Jesus to share His love in common and uncommon circumstances.

So . . . even though you missed the Feast, you still have an assignment to complete!

Click on the link above, read a few short posts about Ordinary Attempts at sharing Christ, and go out and DO IT! Pray that God will lead you into a scenario where you can get out of your comfort zone and do something you wouldn't normally do. Nothing fancy. Just reach out and connect with someone in a real way!

Report back next week at Joseph's! Chocolate will be served to the people who have a story to tell!

See ya soon for another Feast-ola!


wolverines81 said...

Kool Kellie came!! That's great! I read the blog!!! Yeah i think the canoing thing would be LOTS of fun!! Waffles by candle light...nice, nice :-))

wolverines81 said...

So Karah what do you think about my Adventist Christian Fellowship @UAB idea?...that way we could be easy to find through a google search...let me know...

wolverines81 said...

the organization is currently listed as "Seventh Day Adventist Group (SDA) at UAB" i'm sure this name can be modified